Circle of Moms Nomination – Top 25 Mom Vloggers


I’m so honored to announce that I have been nominated for Circle of Moms Top 25 Mom Vloggers! Last month I received an email from Circle of Moms, regarding my nomination and was ecstatic and surprised at how I was nominated to begin with! Since then, I announced the nomination to my viewers through You Tube, as well as my personal family and friends on my Facebook Pages. I am extremely grateful for everyone who has voted so far and although I am thousands of votes from the top of the list, it is an honor to be among many of my favorite moms and friends on You Tube. With only a few days left, I have a chance to climb back into the top 25 with you help! Please click the icon above to link to the list of nominees and vote for me once a day, everyday until March 13th!!! Thank you so so much for your support and regardless if I make it into the top 25, thank you for believing in me always!!!! xoxo Cole


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