BABY REGISTRY MUST HAVES | What’s on my Baby Registry with Baby #4

After having my 1st 3 kids in 3 years I was able to use most of the items from my first pregnancy with all of them and since it’s been 5yrs since my last child was born…I have given everything away. While this time feels like we are starting all over again…I am now more knowledgeable of what the true necessities are for our coming 4th baby. I learned a few money saving tricks and ways to save space in the home from too much baby gear clutter. As a first time Mom, I thought I needed everything but in reality you don’t. I’m taking a more simplistic approach this time around and wanted to share the main things I’ve added to my registries. I mainly plan to get things as baby grows and needs them, rather than stock piling boxes for the next year or so. Hope you find this video helpful and don’t forget to check out my old playlist of pregnancy and infant tips!

Pregnancy & Infant Care Tips Video Playlist

My Registry Links if you want a closer look at the items mentioned:


baby registry must haves

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