QUARANTINE LIFE is a real thing now and so weird to even say. For many of us who are home all day with our kids doing home school, chores, trying to keep them active virtually and fed…it can get overwhelming for sure. One thing I try to remind myself in those moments of feeling overwhelmed is that we are healthy and together and that’s what matters most.


This all has brought our family together in the most memorable ways that we will look back on and smile about despite all the uncertainty and scary moments we face currently. We’ve had the most creative events all created by my kids imaginations. We had a fashion show, a luau, a led dance party but our favorite has been our “DISNEY IN QUARANTINE” virtual Spring Break Vacay!

The kids thought of everything from using our old magic bands for check-in, to a full Disney gift shop, a digital presentation of our vacay, a full itinerary detailing which room each activity was to take place in!


Watch our full vlog below and our tiktok recap here too.


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