How to: Easy DIY #disneyside Mickey Mouse Party

313. disneyside party

Thinking of throwing your very own Mickey or Minnie Mouse themed party? Here are some easy DIY ideas I re-created from the Disneyside Celebrations website and reliable Pinterest, for the non-crafty Mom like me! Everything from Mickey shaped sandwiches, fruits, cookies & cupcakes, to budget friendly crafts, games & goodie bags. It literally was easy as 1,2,3! Minimal expense, prep work and creativity needed. The best part is that the kids and Moms had a great time and got to show off their own #disneyside!
Hope you find this video helpful!

Helpful Websites:
Disneyside Celebrations
Etsy (DIY Mickey/Minnie Headband kits)

disneyside collage 1b

disneyside collage 2b disneyside collage 3b disneyside collage 4b disneyside collage 5b disneyside collage 6b

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