Mommy Minute: Quick and Healthy Bento Box Inspired On-the-go Snack/Lunch for School or Work

Hi guys! I’m finally doing another “Mommy Minute” video! I was inspired to do this quick clip as I was making an after school snack on the go for the girls and early healthy dinner for me. On Fridays I usually pick up the girls from school and we head straight to dance classes/work (they take 3 classes each back to back). Since we sometimes don’t get home till almost 9pm I end up buying pizza or fast food out of convenience. Since I’m finally back on my grind with my workouts and healthy eating, I want to make an effort to prepare food and snacks ahead of time and it will also help us save money too! I plan to share a regular Bento Inspired lunch/snack series more frequently rather than once a year during back to school season so stay tuned! For now here is a quick mommy minute idea! Be sure to check out my other ideas in the video links below!

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563. mom minute bento idea

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