My Emelyn turns 5!

My first born Emelyn recently turned 5 on December 4th and my husband and I always joke how she acts so much older than she is. When you have a conversation with her, you sometimes forget you’re talking to a little girl! Her outgoing personality and smile makes it easy to be friends with her. Although she does get hyper at times, I realize it’s only because everything in life excites her. She loves to talk about anything and everything, she loves to sing and dance, she loves to be creative with drawing and crafts, she loves to read books and learn, she loves to help cook and bake, she loves to help mommy with laundry…she folds towels and blankets better than most adults I know and mostly she loves to take care of her brother and sister. My Emelyn is extremely loving and caring, her big heart is what makes her so special. I am in tears as I describe my first born, once a tiny little newborn…now a growing big girl! I am incredibly proud of her and look forward to seeing where life takes her!

Recently she wanted to share a birthday haul on my You Tube channel. She did such an amazing job and has such presence in front of the camera! Seeing all the amazing comments everyone is leaving on her video, makes her so happy…and makes mommy so proud!

I love you Emelyn!!!
Always & Forever, Mommy

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