Need a Last Minute Gift Idea? Give a Book Instead of a Gift Card!


*This post was sponsored by author T. A. Barron, inspired by his many magical books for readers of all ages. T.A. Barron‘s works, including his latest book, Atlantis Lost — the third book in his Atlantis Saga — are available now wherever books are sold.

I will admit I am a procrastinator, especially when it comes to Holiday shopping. There have been many times that I still didn’t know what to buy even after going to tons of stores during the Holiday Rush. Do I play it safe and just give a gift card or do I struggle to search for that perfect gift, even if it means going to multiple locations of the same store to find it? Gift giving to kids should be a no brian-er, leave the exclusive gift hunting for the parents because chances are you may be the one to give the double gift anyway. And while gift cards can be useful, it’s just not as personal of a gift.


So why not give a book to add to the child’s collection? With 4 kids of my own, we do spend much time rotating books at the library. Their reading levels are always changing, so collecting books at home is not as feasible as I would like it to be. However, the majority of the books that they own have all been gifts. The beauty of it is that the older ones get to hand it down to the younger ones. It’s even more special because it came from a loved one too.


I’ve loved this concept through the years and it finally clicked for me to do the same for other kids in our family. Whether it’s a picture book for baby, a classic fairytale for a toddler, a chapter book for an older child or a personalized book for the whole family…it’s a gift that will keep on giving! Adding a special message on the inside of the cover will make it even more memorable and it could possibly be a book that will get handed down to the next generation too.

So no more wandering the aisles for THE perfect gift, give the perfect gift that will encourage our children to read and is truly from the heart…a book.



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