Perfect Addition to your Home Library – Merriam Webster’s Dictionary

I have to admit, we don’t have an extensive library of hard copy books at home. In this digital world and now for our family this digital learning world at home…the kids have access to everything at their fingertips online.

However, there is something about flipping through pages of a book and while stories can transport us to new worlds…dictionaries are the maps that help us navigate those lands. When you give a child a dictionary, you put a map to the language in their hands, and the world of words is theirs. 

With a dictionary, kids can see words in a new light, discover words they don’t know, enjoy the pleasure of wandering through a book, and so much more. Our newest additions to our at home library are Merriam Webster’s First Dictionary for preK-2, Elementary Dictionary for grades 3-5, and Intermediate Dictionary for grades 6-8.

Books worth investing in and can be handed down for generations!

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