POKEMON HOUSE PARTY – 20yrs of Pokemon


Two decades ago my 2 baby brothers were Pokemon obsessed. Obsessed with Pokemon toys, cards, bedsheets, posters and more. Just as I thought I would never see Pokemon in my later adulthood…it’s baaacck and with a vengeance. My 3 eldest children are now Pokemon obsessed and taking me back down memory lane but this time around I’m more opened minded to learning all things Pokemon…well maybe not ALL things.


When we got the opportunity to host a Pokemon house party, I was ecstatic because I knew how happy this would make the kids. Sure enough they could not wait to host the party once our party package arrived. Telling 3 Pokemon hyper kids to wait to open the goodies till the party was not easy, but I’m proud of their patience and for waiting even longer to host the party.

Due to a personal matter in our family, we had to cancel the party. I did not want to disappoint them any further than necessary, so we decided to host our own Pokemon house party…just in time for my son’s 6th birthday! While he actually had a Pokemon themed birthday a few years back, he did not deny another!

A beautiful fall day called for some outdoor fun, so the kids each picked a few favorites to unbox and then they went to town playing with all the newest figures. While I still am not fully caught up on the Pokemon lingo, I am happier to see them playing with actual figures rather than catching virtual Pokemon through an app.

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If your kids are just obsessed as mine, then Pokemon may be at the top of their Holiday wish lists. The new Pokémon Z-Ring is now available for pre-sale on TOMY’s website.


For the first time ever, TOMY has created a Pokémon toy that interacts with Nintendo’s latest video game. Experience the world of Pokémon in a new way with the POKÉMON Z-RING and Z-CRYSTALS! The Z-RING…

• Is compatible with the Nintendo 3DS video game titles: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon
• Interacts and synchronize with the Nintendo 3DS to enhance the game play experience
• Has two play modes

 In Nintendo 3DS/2DS Mode:

• Z-CRYSTALS are placed in the Z-RING and together they react simultaneously to the devastating Z-MOVES launched in the video game with lights, sounds, and vibrations!
• Each Z-CRYSTAL represents a different element type. Insert different types of Z-CRYSTALS into the Z-RING to experience the colors, vibration and sound effects for each.
• Video game synchronization allows you to feel the full power of the Z-MOVE!

 In Role Play Mode:

• Players can experience the Z-RING through imaginative battle play by pressing the button on the Z-RING to activate the different colors, lights and vibration with each Z-CRYSTAL!

 The exclusive Z-RING Bundle on TOMY.com comes with the Z-RING, 12 Z-CRYSTALS and Pikachu Figure. The Z-RING can hold up to 6 additional Z-CRYSTALS with the active Z-CRYSTAL in place.

Two AAA batteries are required and included with the set.

Available: Friday, November 18, 2016

Ages: 4 years and up

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