Santa Fake a NEW Classic to add to your Holiday Movie List


Something that my kids and I are sure to look forward to every Holiday season is something so much more that opening gifts and shopping and wrapping and baking….it’s our rotation of Holiday Classics to watch throughout the season together. We each have our faves and always add our top ones on our Advent Calendar too. On this Eve of Christmas Eve, we finally got to sit down together and watch a charming new film called Santa Fake.

A classic Christmas movie full of holiday music, sentimental romance, family-friendly comedy, and colorful holiday spirit, SANTA FAKE brings holiday cheer with top-notch musical numbers and brilliant performances by a delightful cast that will enchant the whole family.


Like all classics, there is always a unique storyline and maybe even a song or 2. This had a little of everything and is surely a movie we will continue to watch every Holiday! Santa Fake is available now on DVD. Also on its way in Santa’s sleigh, as companions to the film, are the EP “Songs of SANTA FAKE” by Damian McGinty, “SANTA FAKE: The Movie Soundtrack,” and the children’s picture book: SANTA FAKE: You Are Never Alone at Christmas, which will be available in e-book and print.

Watch the trailer here.

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