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The Moms Network put together a wonderful event at the Artisanal Bistro in Manhattan. This event was catered with delectable food but above all else great conversation. The event started off with background on The Moms Network, Big Belli, Lyve and of course Molly Sims. We got a wonderful new perspective through talks of the 40 Weeks Movie.

The movie 40 Weeks follows 13 women through their journeys through motherhood. They show the good, the bad, and the ugly. Shows that not everyone has a smooth sailing pregnancy and that you aren’t alone if things aren’t going as well. If you are pregnant and want to plan or see what’s in store and you feel there is nothing giving you what you want give this a try. Starting March 1, 40 Weeks movie will be available on DVD/Download through bigbelli.com and iTunes.


Molly Sims supermodel Extrodinaire has added another title to her list of professions. This mom, actress, model and entrepreneur has written a book that encompasses quick workouts and some beauty tips to help through the difficult time of balancing mommyhood and life. It delves into making your dreams come true and uplifts you to know this is not the end. If you are looking for a book that helps you decipher and maneuver through reality and expectations look no further.

Molly Sims talked with us about different aspects of motherhood. She talked about almond oil on the stretch marks as well as made sure to talk about everyone’s situation being different with pregnancy. There was a friend vibe as if you are talking to your friend. Overall it was a great event that ran smoothly and was well received by everyone.


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