59 Kids Tell Us Why They Love Their Dad

388. a fathers day tribute2

Video featured on Mommy Nearest Magazine

A Father’s Day Tribute from 59 kids telling us why they love their Dads. Happy Father’s Day!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Moms and their Kids for taking time to submit video clips and pictures for this special tribute to all Dads out there! I get teary eyed so many times while editing the footage together. We are all so blessed to have amazing role models for our children. Enjoy your Father’s Day with all of your loved ones! Stay tuned for more of my video features on Mommy Nearest! http://www.mommynearest.com

Special thanks to these amazing kids & their Moms…
(in order of video appearance)
Isaiah, Karson & Kaleah http://www.youtube.com/ijkfamtv
Jayden & Tyler
Skylar http://www.youtube.com/adayinthelifeofkandc
Kinsley http://www.youtube.com/hairstylistheather
Angelo & Aileiahlani http://www.youtube.com/imjessicaolivia
*Tyne’s kids http://www.youtube.com/laavasmom
Lucy & Mique http://www.youtube.com/mamadetwinkies
Luke, Joshua, Malachi http://www.youtube.com/butterflykisses2103
DeAnna & Landen http://www.youtube.com/weswife1998
Mya, Mia & Mina
Jinx http://www.youtube.com/surpriseyouareamom
Jalen & Kali
Mariah, Isaac & Annalisa http://www.youtube.com/tinamia99
Ryan & Nolan http://www.youtube.com/erinandbaby
Joshua, Alex & Lily
Emily http://www.youtube.com/alliepage1099
Taliah & Thomas http://www.youtube.com/mamiyare
Joshua & Jacob http://www.youtube.com/momentsofcolor
Mia http://www.youtube.com/yveyjasmine
Etna http://www.youtube.com/xogoxo
Emelyn, Maliya & Dylan http://www.youtube.com/teamyniguez
Annabella & Zoey http://www.youtube.com/as3rd23
Jordan http://www.youtube.com/ilearnwithminette
Kennedy http://www.youtube.com/themommyarchives
Quamie & Nysa
Joseph, Nicholas & James
Akira http://www.youtube.com/user/sfarsta

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