Watch my previous lunch ideas video: 6 HEALTHY SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS

This is my 2nd follow up video to my previous healthy lunch ideas. In this video I shared 9 straight days of my daughters lunches for Kindergarten and 1st grade. Normally I do allow them to choose if they want to buy or bring. My main goal in making their lunches is to give them healthy fun options and I try to include a fruit and veggie side with every lunch along with a snack and always give them water and a juice box. I’m still experimenting with trying a variety of selections but for the most part they do finish at least 90% of what I send with them to school. Time is limited for them to eat so I do my best to make them easy items to consume. Hope you enjoy this video and find it helpful. If you would like to see more lunch ideas, I post pics often on my Instagram page. If you would like another video on this please leave me a comment! xoxo Cole

Products shown:
Rubbermaid Lunch Blox containers
Thermos containers
Ziploc lunch container is from Target (pack of 2 under $3)
Sandwich cutters from Target dollar section, Munchkin at Walmart and the dollar store.
Mini sauce containers from BentoUsa
Cupcake silicone holders from Michaels and Walmart baking section.
Vera Bradley lunchbags

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