90’s Inspired Back To School Trends with #MacysBTS Shopping Party

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Back to School shopping was something that I looked forward to most about the end of Summer when I was in Middle School & High School in the 90’s. Long before Instagram, Pinterest & video Lookbooks on YouTube, I used to hoard all of the store catalogs that came with my parents Sunday paper and magazines I was subscribed to a few weeks before the start of the new school year. I used them for style inspiration and to see where the best sales were for the latest trends on popular shows like 90210, Melrose Place and MTV. I remember going through Macy’s catalog putting circles around the pieces that I wanted to ask my Mom to get me for my new school gear. Fashion was a huge passion of mine even as a young teen and of course as most young teens do, I had to follow along with peers to be on top of latest trends.

Now years later as a Mom of 4, the back to school shopping season is just as fun especially with my young daughters. Finding deals are even more important now and more fulfilling when you can find the latest kids fashion trends without breaking the bank. This season has brought on so much nostalgia seeing that all the 90s trends have been brought back to life…well some trends are better than others. Overalls, mini backpacks, & chokers are a few of my faves…but the ringer tees with spaghetti strap dresses on top…not so much.

Just like back in the day, Macy’s has pulled all the stops with great shopping deals that are right on trend for young fashionistas. They have even kicked up the back to school shopping experience 10 notches and are throwing several 90’s themed shopping parties across the nation. Free 90’s-inspired beauty makeovers, styling tips and fashion must haves, DJ’s playing old school music, sweet treats, photo booth and more! Plus, when you spend $35 or more in mstylelab you’ll receive a free gift!

Find an event near you below and Happy Shopping!

  • Macy’s Boca (Boca Raton, FL) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Miami International (Miami, FL) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Galleria (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s West County (St. Louis, MO) – Aug. 6th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Castleton (Indianapolis, IN) – Aug.6th, 1pm
  • Macy’s Easton (Columbus, OH) – Aug. 13th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Concord Sun Valley (Concord, CA) – Aug. 13th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Clackamas (Portland, OR) – Aug. 13th, 2pm
  • Macy’s La Plaza Americas (Puerto Rico) – Aug. 13th
  • Macy’s Ross Park (Pittsburgh, PA) – Aug. 20th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Staten Island (Staten Island, NY) – Aug. 20th, 3pm
  • Macy’s Burlington (Burlington, MA) – Aug. 20th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Walden Galleria (Cheektowanga, NY) – Aug. 20th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Willowbrook (Houston, TX) – Aug. 27th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Florida Mall (Orlando, FL) – Aug. 27th, 1pm
  • Macy’s Northpark Center (Dallas, TX) – Aug. 27th, 2pm
  • Macy’s Wellington (Wellington, FL) – Aug. 27th
  • Macy’s Arden Fair (Sacramento, CA) – Aug. 27th, 2pm

For more information visit http://www.bit.ly/MACYSBTS16

*This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s. All opinions are my own.

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