American Girl Wellie Wishers: Garden Fun App & Doll GIVEAWAY!


I hope American Girl never gets old in our home, even though my 2 oldests girls are now going on 10 & 9 years old, I love that they still enjoy using their imagination with their American Girl dolls & Wellie Wishers dolls. They take pride and good care of their dolls thankfully and still love anything that has to do with the Brand.

With such tech savvy kids, they were super excited to know that American Girl just released a new mobile app called WellieWishers: Garden Fun on iOS and Android.


A quick download is all it takes to unleash the same imagination they use with their actual dolls, onto the screens of their electronics. Great for on the go car rides, road trips or even while keeping busy in a Doctor’s office waiting room!

WellieWishers are a sweet and silly group of girls who each have the same big, bright wish: to be a good friend. And now with the WellieWishers: Garden Fun app, little ones can learn how to be a good friend as they play. From hidden object and tea-party planning minigames to nurturing their own garden and customizing the backyard garden with stickers, little kids are invited to join the WellieWishers to discover what makes friendships grow.

The content is tailored to kids ages 5-7, offering good-quality entertainment from a well-loved, trusted brand partner in American Girl. And, with school back in session, it’s a great opportunity to reinforce the values young ones are learning in class, so they can practice their caring and empathy skills while outside of preschool or elementary school.  



Special thanks to American Girl for hosting a giveaway on my blog and social media for a Wellie Wishers doll! I will be sharing this giveaway on my snapchat and IG story so either leave a comment below or head over to my accounts to comment there for an entry! A perfect gift for the holidays! Good Luck!

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