Back to School Snacks with Del Monte Fresh

Back to school is officially upon us all! Well for us we are now completing week 3 of Full Time Distance Learning and while it’s going better than I anticipated, they can’t wait until they can return to school full time in person again. And same for me..shhh lol!

With the kids home all day, they are in need of lots of snacks more than normal. Healthy snacks are ideal for sure, so they don’t crash mid-day over junk food and sweets. So Del Monte Fresh to the rescue with so many fruit options for the whole family!

Immediately upon delivery of our Del Monte Fresh package, I quickly prepared something for my kids since they were about to have their break. We received fresh Pineapples, Bananas and Avocados, but since the avocados were not ripe yet, I decided to make a fruit platter with the bananas and pineapple.

My kids are all about bite size treats, so cutting the fruits into small bits and adding some toothpicks for them to eat with was the pick me up they needed before returning to the rest of their day with online school! Here is a fun reel I put together making their Del Monte Fresh snacks!

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