*This post is sponsored by Juicy Juice. As always all opinions are my own. Happy Holidays!

Advent Calendars seem to be stepping up their game lately, there is one for everyone on the market…everything from opening a new favorite toy surprise daily, to a beauty item, to teas, chocolates and more! However, I decided to try an easy and super affordable DIY advent calendar that the entire family can enjoy.

Instead of opening a surprise item each day, we are doing a fun Holiday activity daily through Christmas Day. Juicy Juice has so many different ideas for family time on their website. As a Juicy Juice Crew member, I decided to try one with the kids! We chose to go with their Holiday Countdown Calendar idea as our inspiration, but made it our own.

All the items we picked up from the dollar store and only cost us a total of $5 to make.

– 1 pack of white paper price tags (we cut the attached strings off, so we could loop our own string in)

– 2 packs of green letter/number stickers (2 sheets per pack, since we needed multiples of some #s)

– 1 pack of bakers string (we chose to use the red/white one)

– 1 pack of mini ribbons (to add as our tree topper and extra deco)


I had my kids number each tag 1-25 as we discussed ideas of activities we could do each day. We wrote with a red sharpie our activities on the back so that each day we can turn over the tags to reveal what we will do for the day! Some days are super easy activities like singing a certain Christmas song, to baking holiday cookies or going to a free fun local holiday outing.

We had a ton of fun making this as a family and even more fun doing all of the activities so far. You can easily replicate this with items from you home and cut out circle ornaments like in the Juicy Juice post. Nothing is more valuable than the time shared and memories made during the Holidays!


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