Even “superwomen” have bad days

Bad days…we all get them, even those of us who try to do it all and be that “superwoman” for our families. Today has been one of those “bad days.” The day is not fully over just yet but gradually I’m getting out of it, my “funk” that is. I figured I’d write a little blog about it in hopes to release some of my negative emotions. Almost 6 years ago, my best friend Pia introduced me to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It mainly discusses the law of attraction, the basic theory is that if you ask, believe then you will receive. This concept of positive thinking changed my life in more ways than one, especially since I was going through a difficult situation at the time. Ever since then, I’ve tried my best to apply those simple concepts to my everyday life and thinking.

However I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I experience the occasional “bad day,” the type of day where everything seems to go wrong from the moment you wake up; the type of day when you wish you had a sound proof room to scream at the top of your lungs or cry it out; the type of day when you wish you had Aladdin’s magic carpet to fly to a secret destination where no one could find you (even if just for 5 minutes); the type of day you wish you had a reset button; the type of day when it just seems easier to be mad at the whole world rather than dealing with the issue at hand. Having these days makes me realize the importance of not feeding into the negativity. By doing so, it becomes a constant cycle. When this happens to me, my question to myself is “how can I turn this day around and make it positive by the time my head hits the pillow?”

Today I tried to get out of my “funk” by keeping even busier than I normally am, I reorganized the dining room, the pantry and even those millions of plastic containers that seem to take over the entire closet…yes I reorganized those again for the umm-tenth time. I later asked on my Facebook page, what others do when they have a bad day. I received many comments from my dear friends, who I consider to be superwomen as well. Some said they too like to keep busy and clean, while others suggested to take a walk, listen to music, paint your nails, indulge in some yummy food and retail therapy, have a glass of wine, or 2 or 3. I felt comforted knowing that I was not alone, that even “superwomen” are entitled to have a bad day.

For all you supermoms and superwomen in general, what are your remedies for overcoming a bad day?


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