Fifty Shades Tag

Fifty Shades Tag

If you follow me on You Tube or any social media outlet I’m on, you already know I’m overly obsessed with the Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James.  And if you have no clue what it is until now, you probably live under a rock! Just kidding!!! But seriously, this book has become its own phenomenon in such a short period of time. It’s been all over the media, internet and mostly has spread because of either social media or verbal recommendations. Since it was initially suggested to me by 2 of my cousins, I’ve seen tons of status updates and pictures online everywhere. Curiosity of the major hype and personal recommendations caused me to jump on the bandwagon….instantly I was hooked. The next 2 weeks I was sucked into the world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele…I was addicted to their story, their love, their passion! I could barely put the book down from every moment I would pick it up…book after book after book, I didn’t want it to end. And when it did, I was longing for more. It was like I was suffering a “fifty shades withdrawal.” It may sound extreme I know, but If you finished all 3 books then you can relate I’m sure!

I wanted to share this experience with everyone I could think of and also wanted a way to form an interactive book club of some sort through You Tube. So a fellow You Tube Mommy friend and Fifty Shades reader, babyjacobtv (Wing-Yi), suggested we start a “Tag” video. For those of you that are not familiar with tag videos, they basically are a variety of fun videos with either questions on a certain topic or a show and tell of some sorts, like a “what’s in my bag?” video. From that point we compiled 15 questions of ones we made up, as well as ones we researched online. And then, the official “Fifty Shades Tag” was born! Here is the video I made of the tag, as well as the co-video by babyjacobtv.

We encourage those who make videos and are comfortable, to send it as a video response to us on You Tube. Otherwise for the blogging world, we’d love if you commented below your answers (see questions below) and keep the tag going by tagging as many Fifty Shades fans out there as you can! Not only is this fun to answer and share with others…but hearing other fans answers is just as fun!!!


How many people do you plan to tag?


Fifty Shades Tag (no spoilers)

  1. Who/what got u started on this trilogy?
  2. Did you purchase/borrow hard copies or ebooks?
  3. What book/chapter are you on? Or how long did it take you to finish all 3 books?
  4. Is this your first erotic romance novel? If not, name one you would recommend?
  5. What was your initial impression of Christian?
  6. What is your favorite Christian phrase?
  7. Do you feel the book really is as degrading toward women as many critics have proclaimed?  After all, Ana is a consenting adult and is making choices based on her own desires.
  8. If you were Ana, would you stick around with such a control freak like Christian?
  9. There was a wonderful cast of supporting characters in this book. Who is your favorite and why?
  10. Why do you think this book is so popular, especially amongst the suburban mom demographic?
  11. Would you mind if your significant other knew you were reading this trilogy? Or how does he/she feel about it?
  12. At the end of the book, we got to see how things went down from Christian’s point of view. Would you buy all 3 books and re-read it from his point of view?
  13. If you had to sum up this trilogy in one word or phrase, what would it be?
  14. Would you recommend this book to your family/friends? If so, how many have you raved about it to so far?
  15. Which actor do you want to play Christian in the film portrayal? And which actress do you want to play Ana?






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