It’s been forever since I’ve shared a gwrm or tutorial of some sort! Some how I remembered to vlog getting ready while Colby was still asleep…but of course she woke up toward the end and wanted to do make up with mommy too! My last NJ driver’s license was awful, so I wanted to put a little effort into a decent pic for my new one. I’ll share a pic on IG of how my license came out and I have to say it’s the best pic I took for one of all the licenses I’ve had lol! If you want more videos like this, thumbs up and leave a comment of a request!
Xoxo Cole

Products captioned in video but here are my featured faves:
Shiseido (my concealers and foundation)
Soap & Glory (my blush & mascara)
Beauty Junkees  (most of my brushes & makeup sponge)


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