GREETABL UNBOXING – Most Unique Gift I’ve Ever Received!

If you are looking for a unique gift to give a special woman in your life…your mom, aunt, grandma, friend, co-worker…you definitely should check out Greetabl. This seriously is the most unique gift I have ever given or received. Not to mention it’s affordability and the fact that you can customize and personalize it too! You get to select the print of your packaging, the main gift and bonus gift (which both have to be small enough to fit inside the box) and the pictures and messaging to your special someone! Hard to imagine what I’m talking about? Just watch the video to see my unboxing of my gift from my friend Christine @twilightchic143 and click the link below to see what I gave to her!
xoxo Cole

Christine’s Greetabl Unboxing






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