Our Homeschool Room Makeover is finally complete and we did everything for under $200 for 4 kids full time distance learning this year! If you have less kids, of course this will cost less.

The idea of homeschool always scared me and I give so much credit to parents who have already done this full time from home with their kids. I know I’m not the best with patience when it comes to teaching my 4 kids anything educational. So the idea of homeschool or should I say Full Time Distance Learning makes me very anxious.

In fact, once our school district made the announcement for this decision, I had trouble sleeping that very night. I stayed up looking at ideas on pinterest and browsing ikea furniture online. By 4am, I had a plan to transform one of my kids rooms into a partial/temporary homeschool room.

Our budget is very minimal and since I was already browsing Ikea, I thought “what things did we already own to utilize for this space?” My 2 eldest daughters had a desk and chair from Ikea for the past few years, so I just decided to add another desk and 4 more chairs to create one long table for the 4 of them to work from.

During quarantine, we were a bit all over the place and all over the house. I felt that my method with them was too lax and they got overly comfortable going on google meets and doing work from their bed or the kitchen table for 3+ months. I knew that this was not going to work for any of us.

Our space is limited and while I would love a bigger living space to have them in individual work spaces, this is not our reality. So making the most of our small space and budget is what I tried my best to do. Not only for those reasons but also to get the kids and even myself excited about something NEW. And so far it has worked, as all the kids had a hand (on and off camera) with contributing ideas to setting up.

Now that it is complete, my next question is will it work…having them all in one room for the entire school day 5x a week? I’m hopeful and nervous!

Hope you enjoy this video of our shopping vlog, haul, tour and organization set up! Wishing you all the best for a safe and successful school year where ever you are!


Links for products mentioned:

Ikea Table tops & legs

Ikea blue leg frame

Ikea Chairs

Target Toy Storage Bin

Custom Name Frame Prints

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