HOW I: Film, Set-up & Equipment

286. how i film2

So I’ve gotten quite a few requests for this video. Some have asked me one main question “how do I film” as in how do I make time with 3 small children with me full-time. In this video, I share all of my “secrets”…well they’re not really secrets. I go over the process it takes for me to get organized to film, my filming schedule, my current set-up and go over all of my equipment…camera, lighting and editing software. Links are all below for everything mentioned in this video! Good luck fellow Vloggers!!!

***forgot to mention***
My Vlogging camera (for candid footage for my weekly family vlogs) is a
Pink Canon power shot elph110hs

Editing Software I currently use:

Windows Live Movie Maker: free download

Camera and stock lens I currently use:

Canon Rebel T4i (here are some similar DSLRs on the HSN site I purchased mine)

Lighting I currently use:

Lighting Kits $41.99 for 2 and free shipping on Amazon!

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