How I Organize Our Electronics | Travel Tips Family of 6

So how do you keep your electronics organized for a large family…especially when traveling? Cords, chargers, ipads, tablets, cameras, phones, laptops, sd cards…the list goes on and on and on. Where do you keep it all? How do you make sure not to leave an extra battery or specific charger behind? Porte Play to the rescue! I’ve teamed up with this amazing brand to bring you ideas for how to organize your families electronics! Bonus is you are not limited to using them just for travel…they work amazing for day to day use for after school activities especially. In this video I share a few products that recently launched on their website and how I use them to organize our many electronics and even show a cool way to keep your cords from getting tangled. As if having all the cords in your bag isn’t already enough…who has time to untangle multiple cords when the kids are looking for headphones to use quickly???
xoxo Cole

Need more ideas for the rest of your electronics at home? Be sure to check out Porte!


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