I Will Always Be With You #MoanaOnDigital


*Movie Kit provided by Disney. All opinions are my own. 

Family is truly everything and losing a loved one is never easy, especially for our children. I remember losing my Aunt when I was 12 years old and many of those moments after her death are so vivid in my mind till today. As a mom, I never wanted to anticipate my own kids losing anyone close to them at a young age. Unfortunately my Mother-in-Law lost her battle to Cancer last October. While my husband and I tried our best to explain it all to them before, during and after her passing, it still is hard for them to believe their Grandmother is now in Heaven.

The best thing we can do is continue to talk through their emotions with them and encourage talking about her daily to keep her memory alive. Remembering all the happy times and daily reminders of her keeps all of us going.


It wasn’t a surprise to us when our kids were reminded of her when they first watched Disney’s Moana in the movie theater. The moment where Moana’s grandmother told her “I will always be with you” hit home the most for my eldest daughter who is 9years old. The story line and especially the music resonates with all of us. It touches their big hearts so much that they have gotten very emotional when singing the hit song “How far I’ll go” in their Glee singing classes.

As we spent time together this past weekend, we were able to view the digital copy of the movie which is out Tuesday, March 7, on Blu-ray and Disney Movies Anywhere NOW. It was so convenient watching a digital copy through the Disney Movies app and on our tv using the Google Chromecast. Best part is that each of my kids now have access to watch it on their devices on the go…anywhere at anytime.

During our viewing party, my kids brought up their grandmother as expected. All the emotions, both happy and sad came back but the one thing that always stands out the most is their remembrance of their “Mama” telling them that she would always be with them no matter what…just like Moana’s grandmother told her. Soon after, they are all smiles again because we could all feel her presence and know she is always with us.

What did your kids connect with most after watching Moana?
xoxo Cole




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