Introducing a Classic to my Kids #PinocchioNoStrings


*Thanks Disney for giving me a free movie night kit to host an in-home viewing of Pinocchio. All opinions are my own.

It’s crazy how fast time flies, movies that were once childhood classics for me will now be classics for my own children. My kids have heard of Pinocchio from short storybook versions that I’ve read to them, but they never got to see the movie until now. Once upon a time, I did have a VHS copy…not that my kids would even know what a VHS or a VCR is.



We were excited to make a family movie night out of watching Pinocchio for the first time together. Popcorn on deck, cozy blankets and hot cocoa for a cold winter evening with our Blu-ray copy. Perk of owning a Blu-ray copy is having the ease of unlocking a Digital HD version of this classic tale. Having Disney Movies anywhere on our personal electronics makes life so much easier, especially when each kid wants to watch a different Disney video. After our Pinocchio¬†movie night, it’s safe to say that this classic tale will be on current rotation. Get your own copy in stores starting January 31, 2017.

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