Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream Review


photo 3With the Holidays now upon us, that means lots of Holiday parties to get dressed up for. The best accessory to that new Holiday dress is to have flawless skin. During the Celebrate In Style holiday event, makeup artist, Pati Dubroff used Jergens BB Cream on her clients to achieve special holiday looks. I recently tried the new Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, which is available at your local Target and CVS stores. This is the first BB body cream that I have ever tried and surprisingly I enjoyed the product. At first I was expecting it to be like a self tanner but it has more of a sheer application with minimal tint for your skin type. I chose to go with the medium-dark color of the available 2 shades. Most of the BB creams i’ve used for my face are of a medium tone, so that is why I decided to select the darker of the 2.

Five of the the product claims are that it hydrates, illuminates, evens, firms  and corrects your skin. Of all of the claims, the one that definitely helped me most was the hydration. While I don’t have too many issues with evening out or correcting my skin, I do get very dry skin during the winter time so I was concerned if this product would still provide the hydration that I need.

jergens bb body cream 4The product applies sheer, dries quickly, works like a moisturizer and definitely hydrates my skin. If you are of my skin tone or slightly lighter or darker, I would highly recommend to get the medium deep shade. Overall, I would recommend this product as a must for this holiday season. It would also double as a great stocking stuffer or a gift for your girlfriend! What woman doesn’t like trying new beauty and skincare products! For more info be sure to check out Jergens on Facebook!

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