Keeping Up With My 4 Kids #TrustImpressa


While shuffling my 4 kids to and from school, dance classes, birthday parties and even work events with me is part of our normal day to day, it’s been even harder to spend one on one quality time with each of them. Having my first 3 under 3 seems like a blur now, but I do remember breaking down with guilt because I barely ever had time with each of them alone. Now with my eldest 3 in school full time, I have been able to enjoy the baby stages with my 4th in a different way than I did before.

When my eldest was just around 9months old I found out I was pregnant with my second and when my second was around 8months old, I was pregnant with my 3rd. As I was trying to grasp my new MOM title, I had to figure out how to be a new mom to a toddler with an infant and soon after a new mom to 2 toddlers and an infant. Looking back it was the most challenging time of my life but now seeing my 3 eldest grow together it was so worth it.

Keeping up with all of them is still challenging but I have learned to slow down a bit and enjoy all the little moments I took for granted when they were babies. I documented my entire pregnancy on my you tube channel and even got my kids involved in our gender and name reveal.


An even bigger struggle has always been how active I can be with them since my issues with light bladder leakage gradually got worse after each pregnancy. This is a topic I’ve touched base on a few times but not many are comfortable discussing. Being active with 4 kids is inevitable, they want to run, ride bikes, swim, go site seeing and explore new surroundings. Since being introduced to Poise Impressa from Walmart, I have been able to do all these things with them rather than just watching them.

Staying fit has also been a personal struggle but is necessary. I want to be on this earth as long as possible for my children. And taking control of my health is important to me. Whether I’m running outdoors while my kids ride their bikes or working out from home even having to sometimes hold my baby during the workout, I now can confidently DO IT ALL knowing that I can trust a brand like Poise Impressa. Life is too short, so why should I have to hold back?

How do you confidently do it all?

*This post was sponsored in partnership with Poise and Walmart through Acorn Influence.

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