Hey guys so I’ve been on a organization kick since we moved to Vegas. We downsized so much “junk” and even after moving here, I still felt like we had too much still! I’m in the process of arranging the girls room in a functional way for them. In NJ we had a basement where we hoarded all the other toys and miscellaneous things that they barely even used. Moving here has made me realize we don’t need that many things and that we should just keep what we use. Once we don’t use it much anymore, it’s time to donate it. The girls closet has a ton of shelf space…so I thought to buy colored bins for each of them so they can easily access what’s theirs and essentially have a place fore everything. If you want to see how we organize the rest of their room or if you have other organizing videos you want to see as we get settled here leave a comment below!
xoxo Cole


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