Meet ibi, the Smart Photo Manager #meetibi

*This post  was sponsored by the makers of ibi, who also sent me the product for review.


Since I was a kid with my very first 35mm camera, I’ve always loved documenting through pictures.  Granted we were limited to the number of pics we could take per roll of film, I enjoyed printing out doubles and giving them to my family and friends to have as keepsakes too! As I explored documenting through video (my camcorder at first), I eventually learned how to create montage videos to share with others too. I never would have thought I’d one day become a you tuber and influencer and share videos and pictures with people worldwide.
Nowadays, it’s easy to collect so many pictures with a few taps of the shutter lens on a phone or camera and most times, I don’t get an opportunity to personally share it all as quickly as I’d like to with my family and friends. Social Media is great especially for what I do, but sometimes there are those rare private moments that we don’t want to broadcast online with such a wide audience and rather keep for our inner circle.
Meet ibi! ibi helps us share those private moments with those who matter most! From the birth of your kids, to birthday parties, holidays, dance recitals and family vacations…ibi enhances our photo sharing experience for major milestones. And since I document everything, this product conveniently fits into my lifestyle. While I am selective with what I share on social media publicly, I can freely share as much as I want privately with the use of ibi…and it doesn’t have to be weeks or months after a milestone has occurred.
How does it work?
Automatically save all your favorite photos and videos in one place
Easily organize and find what you’re looking for with an intuitive app.
Privately send individual photos or entire albums to your favorite people.
It it easy to set up?
Setup is a snap, just plug in ibi, download the app from the iphone Store or Google Play and just let ibi do the rest for you.
To order your own ibi to safely share images with your inner circle, check it out here!

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