Now that I’ve told you guys about our upcoming cross country move to Vegas, I’m so excited that I can finally share all our pre-move and packing prep! If you saw back in the Fall, I had a style session with MJBstyleSolutions to minimize my Fall/Winter wardrobe. I did a “refine & refresh” session, where she also created 20+ outfits for both seasons out of just 22 pieces of clothing! This time, my main concern was to downsize my Spring/Summer wardrobe drastically! Prior to Mel’s arrival, I had already been purging bags and bags of clothing and shoes. So most of what she sorted through today for our “refine” session were items that I loved or wasn’t sure to let go or not…or should I say items that I wasn’t ready to let go of! Mel got the job done in under an hour…bags and bags of clothes to donate/resell and 1 laundry basket of my entire spring/summer wardrobe left to pack for our move! She helped me let go of items that I no longer needed and keep what was perfect for me today. Make sure to check out Melissa’s website, instagram and facebook if you are in the tri-state area and interested in her services…let her know I sent you!
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Anyone else working on trying to be more minimalistic? Downsized my entire Spring/Summer wardrobe to fit into 1 laundry basket!!! All thanks to Melissa from @mjbstylesolutions amazing skills and expertise! I've always loved fashion but never realized how much I was hoarding!? Honestly this is not even 1/3 of it all but I can't even begin to express how freeing it felt to let go…let go of my "skinny" pre-kids clothes that I've been saving to fit back into "one day", items I've held onto for sentimental reasons like dresses from various special occasions in my past, suits/corporate clothes for if I go back to an office job someday and all the items I say I'm going to wear again "when it comes back in style" but never does. With Melissa's "Refine" session she was able to do a full overhaul on my entire spring/summer wardrobe, she edited out the Unwanted, Unnecessary Unflattering! As for my saved "skinny" clothes, she told me "Love who you are now, not who you were yesterday or who you hope to be tommorow. You have too start with now." Her words totally resonated with me and I was finally able to let go! I only kept what I absolutely loved and could use today…not next month or next year. The best part about letting go was knowing that my pre-loved clothes would go to charity organizations like Hire Attire, United War Veterans, Lupus Foundation of America & more. Another perk was having the option to resell handpicked items through Melissa's Poshmark (clothes_pin). A great way to make extra cash for new wardrobe essentials! If you are planning on moving and don't know where to begin? What to keep? What to donate? What to resell? If you are in the tri-state area check out @mjbstylesolutions on Facebook for a detailed list on all of her services and let her know I sent you! ❤️#MJBstylesolutions #MTBCorganization . . . . . . #springcleaning #downsizing #wannabeminimalist #minimalism #minimalistic #minimalist #wardrobestylist #personalshopper #personalstylist #decluttering

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