Mommy Swap Challenge with IJKFamTV!!! #MommySwapChallenge

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Sooooooo excited to FINALLY set this video live! This Mommy swap is not like any other Mommy Swap on You Tube…this is THE #MOMMYSWAPCHALLENGE that Kathy (IJKFamTV) and I created almost 1 year ago! Yes it has taken us 1 whole year to shop for each other…but we finally exchanged and are so excited to see some of you do this challenge with one of your close You Tube Mommy friends too!!! The 15 categories are listed below and you can set any budget you would like! Thanks so much Kat and fam for all the thoughtful and generous goodies you sent us! It feels like I’ve known you forever and I’m so happy my hubby met you guys in Vegas to exchange packages! I know we will meet soon!!! We tag you all do do this challenge!!! And be sure to check out IJKFamTV’s video to see what we got them!!!

(Created by Mommytipsbycole & IJKFamTV)
1. “Super Mom Mode” item
2. Essential household cleaning item
3. Kitchen/Cooking Item
4. Health/Fitness related item
5. Age appropriate kids or family snack(s)
6. Age appropriate kids toy/accessory or clothing item(s)
7.Essential diaper bag/purse item for kids or Mom
8. Mommy beauty/makeup item(s)
9. Mommy fashion/accessory item(s)
10. Essential item for “Mommy time”
11. Item for family time
12. Something that makes life easier for everyone
13. Something from our town/state
14. “We made this for you guys…”
15. Friendship gift between the Moms!

564. mommy swap challenge

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