274. 2014 goalsA

2013 was a year of many personal accomplishments, so I am extremely hopeful for what I will make of 2014. I see every “new” year as an opportunity to challenge myself and set “new” goals. It’s an opportunity to continue reaching for and maintaining my old and new accomplishments. It’s my chance to improve and be a better version of who I was the year before. This is my 3rd New Year of sharing my list of my main goals for the year… let this be an even better year for us all…the road to a better YOU!

-Focus on Gratitude and Positivity…you are the company that you keep!
-Have more Patience…don’t sweat the small stuff!
-Maintain Health and Fitness Goals…after 24lbs loss last year, I know anything is possible!
-Work Towards Financial Stability…save save save!
-Quality Time with Loved Ones…tomorrow is not promised, make the best of each day!
-Document on You Tube & my Blog…because it makes me happy!
-Be a better ME…personal growth is my key to happiness!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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