My lil marching band

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the start of 2012 was warm, positive and spent with the ones who mean most to you! On New Year’s Day we made a quick gift exchange trip to Toys R Us, since we didn’t dare to brave the post-Christmas gift exchange frenzy. My 2nd daughter Maliya, found an item that was misplaced in the Barbie aisle, a Disney’s Princess & The Frog Musical instrument set. Being that all 3 of my kids have a huge love for everything associated with music and dancing, we just had to get it.

Watching my hubby and babies play with all the instruments made my heart feel so full. What a great way to start the new year, I’m so blessed and thankful for my “lil marching band.”  I just know that 2012 is full of endless opportunities and continued blessings for us all.

How was the start of your 2012 and what did you do?


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