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I’m always interested in all types of kid related websites that friends post through different social media outlets. So I wanted to share this awesome new toy company as well! Recently, the kids and I were asked to select one of their handpicked items from their site for review. We decided to add “Nigel Nobelcam” to our family collection of furry friends.

Upon receiving him, we immediately noticed the beautiful packaging. I personally, have a sore spot for the special touches companies put into their product delivery.  The blue box and matching logo sticker was the first thing I noticed as we unboxed the new toy.









As we unwrapped “Nigel Nobelcam,” the kids quickly took turns holding and hugging him. I must say, he was very soft and fluffy. The kind of stuffed animal that I remember wanting to cuddle with at bedtime.

And just as I expected, that is exactly what my 3 kids did. My 4 and 3 year old daughters, as well as my 1 ½ year old son have all taken turns cuddling with “Nigel the fox” at night. Even with all the wear and tear of being played with daily by 3 children, “Nigel” is still as plushy as he was when we received him over 1 month ago.

This is why I wanted to wait awhile to do this review, to give us time to see the durability of the product. Unlike some other brands of stuffed animals out there, Hullabalu’s products are very well made. If a toy can withstand my 3 children without getting damaged…it gets an A+ in my book!

Currently Hullabalu will be launching their toy website this coming October 1st, 2012. They will offer a wide variety of characters and fantastical storylines. Another incentive to sign up with them, is to take advantage of their referral system to gain credit and free shipping. They also provide a personal referral link upon signup, which you can share on Facebook and Twitter. And in return you get goodies for sharing the love.

Special thanks to for sponsoring this review! I hope you’ll check them out!

What was your favorite stuffed animal as a child? Mine was my pound puppies!


DISCLAIMER: The following blog reflects my personal experience with the mentioned product(s). I have no affiliation with the company represented nor was I paid to endorse the said products. This is my honest opinion.


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