*This blog post is sponsored by Precious Moments. Items were sent to us for review purposes.


Looks like we have a 4th dancer in the family…well almost! Colby just turned 3 and is now fully potty trained too! She has been watching her 3 older siblings dance since she was born and even got her own ballet shoes and leotard for Christmas. Everytime she has asked to go to ballet, we told her she can’t wear diapers anymore. So now that she completed her potty training, it was time…or so we thought.

I’m sure many of you know of the brand Precious Moments for their adorable keepsake figurines. We have collected some since the kids were born as gifts from family and friends and intend to give it to the kids to hold as keepsakes when they are adults too. Now Precious Moments has a Young Girls Collection and offers affordable gifts for girls that sparkle with delightful details and inspirational words that encourage little dancers to believe in themselves and their precious dreams.

We were so excited to have the opportunity to receive some of their new items just in time for Colby to start dance! This collection is perfect for dance class and beyond, from tutus to duffel bags and music boxes. Especially with Unicorns being all the rage, we had to get the Unicorn designed duffel bag with matching tutu and picture frame to add her 1st day of dance pic.


 In addition, Colby received the most adorable Precious moments music box. It’s the perfect petite size for her little toddler trinkets and she loves winding it up to hear the music! All of the items are available on Amazon now.

Precious Moments Small Shine Bright Unicorn Polyester Tubular Bag
Precious Moments Shine Bright Unicorn Polyester Tutu
Precious Moments Dream Big Unicorn Resin Photo Frame
Precious Moments Believe Jewelry Box

So if you are wondering how Colby’s 1st day of dance went? It didn’t lol…the morning of she said she didn’t want to go anymore but now she wants to go. We didn’t want to force her so hopfully our next attempt is a success. For sure we will keep you posted in our vlogs! In the meantime check out our vlog of Colby trying out her Precious Moments goodies!

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