PIYO Month 1 – Results & Experience

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Thanks for joining my journey to a healthier lifestyle! This video is my month 1 results and experience of a new workout program called PIYO, which is by Beachbody trainer, Chalene Johnson. The program consists of 8 workouts on 3 DVDs that range from 25-45min workouts plus a meal plan to incorporate into your daily life!
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Day 1: 127.2lbs
End of Week 1: 126.4lbs
End of Month 1: (did not weigh in but lost 1 inch in waist)

Entire Weight loss Journey STATS:
(My height is 4’11 3/4…slightly under 5ft tall)

Starting weight 152lbs (January 2013)
Lost 10lbs from a change in eating habits (April 2013)

Lost 6lbs & 12.75inches from INSANITY (5/13/13-7/15/13)
*Watch my Insanity Final Results: http://youtu.be/src3neC3rZI

*1st Goal weight 130lbs accomplished.
Lost 8.6lbs & 4.5inches from FOCUS T25 (7/17/13-9/30/13)
*Watch my Focus T25 Final Results 

*2nd goal weight 124.6 (125lbs former “ultimate” goal weight)
Lost 5.2lbs & 4.75 inches from 21 Day Fix (2/17/14-3/10/14)
*Watch my 21 Day Fix Final results 

*Total weight lost since January 2013-March 2014 27.4lbs
*NEW Ultimate Goal weight 117lbs (35lbs down from 152)

434. PIYO month 1

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