I was tagged 2 months ago from my fellow You Tube Preggo Mama ThatsBetsyV to do the Pregnancy Tag and I finally got a chance to film it at 37weeks! Hope you guys enjoy this video and thanks for all your support and love with sharing our pregnancy journey with baby #4!
xoxo Cole

Our Baby Diaper Challenge Collab
Our Baby Food Challenge Collab

I tag…

Brittany (NaturallyThriftyMom)
Erica (FromBrainsToBeauty)

Pregnancy Tag Questions:
(there are different versions of this but these are the questions I answered)
1. How many months are you?
2. Family’s Reaction?
3. Do you know the sex?
4. What did you want?
5. Do you want more?
6. Biggest craving?
7. Best part of being pregnant?
8. Worst part of being pregnant?
9. Names picked out?
10. Who will be with you during labor?
11. Birth plan?
12. Will you film it?
13. Natural or Medicated?
14. Scared about labor?
15. What do you look forward to after pregnancy?
16. Breastfeed?
17. Plan to work or be a stay at home mom?
18. Will you make your own baby food?
19. Do you have nursery ideas/themes?


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