Shopkins Birthday Party Planning – Invitations with PercyVites


Shopkins has been all rage amongst young girls lately, so it didn’t surprise me when my 2nd daughter insisted on a Shopkins theme party for her birthday. Birthday planning for any birthday can sometimes be overwhelming especially when taking the first step to putting together a personalized birthday invitation. PercyVites offers quick, convenient and efficient party planning all with a click of a button and is now offering the popular Shopkins™ license to their roster of personalized invites and thank yous.


What are PercyVites? PercyVites is a personalized interactive video tool where you can create unique shopkins2personalized VIDEO invitations and thank you videos by customizing clips featuring beloved licensed characters such as these adorable Shopkins! And yes I said video invitations, such a fun way to send family and friends an invite.

  • Videos personally addressed to each guest
  • Percy’s party dashboard to help you to keep track of your guest list and more
  • Not to mention, they are ECO FRIENDLY TOO!

While I wasn’t able to use this in time for my daughter’s birthday last May, I thought it would be helpful to share with those of you planning invites and thank you cards for your child’s Shopkins birthday bash!

Plan the perfect celebration with ShopkinsPercyVites personalized video invitations and decor items and get your little shopper excited about their next party.

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