Smooth Morning and Bedtime routine with 3 Toddlers

It’s been over 1 month since my last blog post and September was the first month that I have not posted since I started my blog:( Hopefully I can make up for it this month!

Recently, my eldest daughter, Emelyn started Pre-K and it was a big adjustment getting all 3 of my children and myself, into the habit of a new schedule.  However, nearly 2 months into it now, I can say it’s working out pretty well for all of us. Aside from the fact that it’s been getting colder here recently in NJ and harder to get out of bed in the mornings, when all you want to do is cuddle under your comforter.

Towards the end of August and early in September I posted  videos on my main You Tube channel, Mommytipsbycole, as well as my 2nd collaboration Mommy channel, The 411 mommas, sharing my experiences and tips on how we approach our morning and bedtime routines. Hope you’ll check out both video links below!


What are your morning and bedtime routines like in your household?



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