FTC: While our trip is sponsored by Disney, all opinions are our own and 100% honest as always. We are forever grateful for this opportunity.

BEST DISNEY WORLD SURPRISE EVER! Never did I think we would be going back to Disney World anytime soon…especially after moving farther West than when we lived in NJ. It’s been exactly 3 years since our last #TeamYniguezDisney road trip to Florida from NJ and we wished and dreamed that maybe one day we would get invited. We are beyond grateful to have this incredible opportunity from Disney for our family to take a surprise vacation to Disney World this week to showcase #DisneyVIPtours ! We decided to surprise the kids on camera a few days before we leave and their reactions were priceless!!! So happy we get to take our 4th baby Colby for her first experience to Disney World!!! Stay tuned for a Disney series of videos this week, starting with a packing video like I’ve done on past trips and of course our daily disney vlogs! Be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the notification bell to get an alert of our new uploads!!! Disney World Here we Come

xoxo Cole & Team Yniguez

Disney World Vlogs #TeamYniguezDisney playlist


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