Surving the Holidays with Confidence #LivePadFree



Let’s be honest, the Holidays can be stressful. Especially if you host annual family gatherings in your own home. As stressful as it can be, it all passes in the blink of an eye. So every year I try to remind myself to take a deep breathe, enjoy the little moments in between the hustle and bustle, all while confidently tackling my never ending to do list.


For our family, the official kick off to the Holidays starts with our annual pumpkin picking trip. This is always the calm before the storm, despite the crowds at the pumpkin patch. There is something about the crisp Fall air that helps me relax during the hay ride to pick our pumpkins…well that and Apple Cider Donuts! Then it’s not long before all the planning begins for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 14925344_10209675257491913_4886053723264738387_n

Meal planning, grocery lists, gift shopping lists, my kids wish lists…life can sometimes feel like it’s full of never ending lists. Sometimes it’s ok to step away from the lists and enjoy all the memories made when you’re not too busy thinking about what’s next on your to-do.


Decorating the tree, baking cookies, watching your favorite Christmas movies, listening to your kids sing “Jingle bells, batman smells” for the hundredth time…that is what Holidays are made of. Stressing about having the best meal spread to serve your guests or finding the perfect gift…on sale, doesn’t help us relax and enjoy.


A little spontaneity is the best  way to survive the Holiday season with confidence. Random snowstorms are especially the best, getting stranded at home will always put all “to-dos” on hold. As a mom that has struggled with bladder leakage, I now have no additional stress during the season with the help of Poise Impressa. I am finally able to #LivePadFree because Impressa helps to comfortably stop leaks before they happen. Bladder leakage doesn’t keep me from living my life, I can balance the holiday hustle and bustle while staying active to enjoy all the spontaneous moments with my family. Pick up your Poise Impressa Sizing kit from Walmart to see for yourself how you can too!

Check out this video of how other Moms are confidently active thanks to Poise.

*This post was sponsored by Acorn Influence. All opinions are my own.




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