Walt Disney World Vlogs 2018 – Disney VIP Tours | Be Our Guest & Hollywood Studios (#280f)

FTC: While our trip is sponsored by Disney, all opinions are our own and 100% honest as always. We are forever grateful for this opportunity.

Disney Vip Tours day 3 part 2 of our Walt Disney World Vlogs for 2018! Yessss finally we are back in Disney World after 3 long years…we get to share more vlogs from our Disney experience! Even more surreal is that this is extra special because it’s the Disney partnership and trip I’ve always dreamed off!

Today after a full morning in Magic Kingdom, we did a quick run to Hollywood Studios. Initially we had the kids scheduled for the Jedi Training experience, but since it was on and off raining and we had to head back to the hotel to meet family, we decided to skip it since they did it back in 2015 already. Instead we hit up the rides on our short list and sadly didn’t have time to see some of the characters from Star Wars and Disney Jr. We will have to have those on the top of our list for next time!!! Afterwards, it was time to say goodbye to our Disney VIP Tour guide Jennifer…it was bittersweet and we still miss her even now being back home! I’ll do a separate video on our VIP experience too. Spent the rest of our Saturday reuniting with family…Bryan’s half brother who he hasn’t seen in decades now lives in Florida so he came with his family to meet us, as well as my cousin Melanie who also lives in FL came with her fam too! The kids had tons of fun bonding with their cousins in the pool.
Stay tuned for our final Daily vlog in Epcot in the next vlog for day 4!
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xoxo Cole & Team Yniguez

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