What is VEDA?

Last April I stumbled across numerous videos with the acronym (VEDA) in the title and was clueless as to what it meant. After watching a few videos, I found out that it stood for Vlog or Video Every Day in April. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this originated a couple of years ago from some bloggers who wanted to attempt Vlogging. At the time I could not imagine taking on such a challenge, however towards the end of July I changed my mind. I saw some other moms in the You Tube community posting intro videos to announce they were planning to take on the challenge for the entire 31 days of August. So here I am, almost mid-august…going strong!

This definitely has been extremely challenging, especially on the days I do same day filming, editing and uploading. At first I didn’t want to bog down my subscribers playlists and was curious on the feedback I’d receive and if people even wanted to see a video from my channel EVERYDAY?

To my surprise, the feedback has been great and I am doing my best to stay as consistent with it the best I can since I have some viewers who enjoy the videos so far! I’ve been doing some vlogs, day in the life, family OOTD (outfit of the days), cooking, giveaways as well as some requested videos that I haven’t gotten to yet. It’s a good time for me to finally catch up on my “video to-do list” but more so, I’m enjoying watching other moms daily vlogs and getting to know them more. I’m so flattered that a handful of my subscribers have taken on this challenge to finally start making videos for their channel, all because they saw I was doing it as well 🙂 That alone, makes this sooooo worthwhile!

Check out my You Tube channel for my VEDA videos!!!

VEDA on my You Tube channel youtube.com/mommytipsbycole

Are there any Daily vlog channels you love to watch? My favorite is “ItsJudysLife”!



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