Finally packed my hospital bag for the delivery of our 4th baby! While it’s not 100% complete, I wanted to share what I packed so far in my Fabletics bag and what I plan to add when it’s delivery day. Currently I’m 37wks pregnant but I would advise anyone to pack their bag between 34-37wks. I didn’t pack anything for my hubby since he will be going back and forth between home and the hospital to care for the kids and bring them to school and daily activities. I mention so many more “tips” in the initial What to pack in your hospital bag video I created 4+yrs ago. (linked below) Hope this helps to downsize your items for your stay. Keep in mind if you were to have a C-Section, you may need to pack more for an additional few days stay. I plan to have a normal delivery again…GODWILLING!

whats in my hospital bag

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